Karina Trofimova

Karina Trofimova

Residing from New York City, Karina Trofimova is the force behind fashion consulting firm, Haus Agency and her brand Haus Label.

Tell me a little bit about life in New York 

I’m originally from Latvia, but I’ve been living in New York now for 11 years. I’m very used to the city vibe because that’s what I grew up in, so New York definitely feels like home. 

I love the energy and the heartbeat of the city here. You can meet your community pretty quickly and find a type of understanding from others that, personally I didn’t really find elsewhere. 

What do you love about working in the fashion industry?

Again, it goes back to the people, particularly the designers I work with at Haus Agency. I’m constantly inspired by their creativity and work with artisans and makers. While I obviously enjoy clothing, it’s the people that make me want to keep going and growing.

What advice do you have for new and emerging fashion brands?

Know what your 'why' is. There are so many brands out there, and knowing from the start what sets you apart is so important, particularly in this industry. 

There are so many ups and downs and seasons in the fashion industry, understanding what your cause is, what you represent and what community you want to associate with will help you add value to your brand and reach the right people.

Fashion is incredibly personal, and since everyone wears clothes (obviously), you’re entering an industry that has a direct effect on people.

Tell me about Haus Label

Haus Label is an activewear, swimwear, leisurewear and everything in between brand. Our ethos is outfit repeating, so we wanted to create pieces that you would reach for over and over again in different kinds of circumstances. 

Our pieces are produced in my native country Latvia and the fabric is made from recovered ocean waste and post-consumer plastic bottles produced out of Italy. Everything is shipped from our New York office. 

It's so hot here in the city right now, what do you do to stay cool in NY during the summer?

Rockaway Beach is a favourite escape, and the surf club there has the best fish tacos in New York, in my opinion. I also love going to the many parks or heading uptown to museums like MOMA, the Met or Chelsea for gallery visits. 

Everything feels just easier in the summer here. In winter I like to escape to Miami for more sun, I always say the key to living in New York for a long time is taking trips elsewhere. 

Karina wears our Clio Wrap Sleeveless in Black, Long Sleeve in Ivory, Deia Trousers and our new arrivals coming soon - the Lucia Wrap Skirt and the Noble shirt.