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Noble Journal: Ema Taylor

Noble Journal: Ema Taylor

 Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m a naturopath, clinical nutritionist, fertility awareness educator and most importantly, mother to a little 3 year old girl, Zippora. I’m currently 8 months pregnant with another little love on the way, which we are so excited about.
I am the founder of Oviene, an online reproductive healthcare platform that supports individuals and couples all around the world to take back control of their hormonal health and fertility through online programs and private consultations. 
I live in the northern rivers of Australia with my husband and am happiest in the kitchen cooking for my family and friends or outside in nature, hiking, swimming or camping.
What inspired you to become a Naturopath and Fertility Educator? 

Like many stories, my own life experiences led me down this path.

Years of experimenting with contraceptive methods without proper education in my late teens to early 20’s resulted in an array of emotional, reproductive and endocrine health implications that took years to rebalance. I lost my menstrual cycle for 3 years and was not given any practical guidance on how to regain it from western practitioners. It surprised and saddened me how little I knew about my own body’s intelligence and how capable it is of telling me what is happening at the deepest of levels if only I listened.

Following these years of misunderstanding, I began to seek answers and came to realise just how much truth there is in the saying ‘knowledge is power’. This awareness led me to immerse myself in the wisdom of science and nature and embark on my journey in studying a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in naturopathic, nutritional and herbal medicine.

After completing my degree, I decided to deepen my knowledge in the fertility space and completed further education to become a certified fertility awareness educator. This additional knowledge has brought so much to my practice, helping women deeply understand their body and hormones.

You've talked about the power of daily rituals, can you tell us about some of these rituals and their impact on your daily life?  

My daily rituals have shifted since becoming a parent. While I do not have as much free time these days, I am very good at prioritising the time I do have to support me as best as possible. I strongly believe that a nourished and regulated woman is a far better mother than a depleted, strung out one and simple daily rituals are ways that can help achieve this state of centredness. 

The first thing I do is stretch on my yoga mat. Around three mornings a week this is followed by an online pilates class and then journalling. When my daughter wakes up we always have a nourishing breakfast together and then we start our day.

What are some of your top books that have inspired the way you live?  

  • The Alchemist - It is such a powerful reminder to trust in your journey. That what is meant for you, will find you. There is new wisdom that I extract each time i read it. 
  • You can heal your life - This book really helped me to shift my mindset and feel empowered in taking proactive steps toward changing my life for the better.
  • The power of now by Echardt Toll - A powerful reminder of the importance of presence and how to achieve this.
  • The Diary of a CEO - Some fantastic ‘rules’ for business that he shares and fascinating stories and examples about how these can positively impact your business and life

    What does an ideal day off look like for you?

    Morning cuddles with my husband and daughter, slow breakfast of pancakes and a nut milk coffee, a day in the sun and ocean swims with friends, an afternoon walk outside listening to a podcast, a delicious dinner with my family and ending the day with a good book.