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Jessyme Noble

Jessyme Noble

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Jessyme (pronounced Jess-em), I co-founded Noble Label. I live in Sydney with my husband and daughter. 

What does a regular morning look like for you? 

Mornings are a time I like to spend with my daughter, Olive. We usually make breakfast together then head out for a swim, ballet class or to run errands for Noble. We always make time for a coffee stop too! I'm really cherishing this time I get to spend with her. 

What made you want to start a fashion brand? 
 I've always loved fashion, design and styling and am really driven by aesthetics. Noble was produced from a drive to use my creativity in a way that fulfilled me. I wanted to put something out into the world that wasn't just adding to the noise, but that would be a key wardrobe staple, made without compromising on quality, price or the environment. 
What is your favourite to-date Noble piece you have created?
I have so many and I love looking back on our archives and the things we have created. My top favourites are of course our Clio Wrap and the Lola Dress in gingham (coming back this summer). I live in these pieces!
What is your favourite part of running a business?
I love seeing our designs come to life! From initial drawings and fabric sampling to the final product, it's a very fulfilling feeling. Seeing customers wear and love our designs brings me so much joy. It's also pretty fun running a business with my sister.
What does a perfect day off look like for you?
Definitely spending time with family and friends. We live on the northern beaches of Sydney so we are very lucky to have so many beautiful beaches nearby. You'll often find us at one of our favourite coffee spots, spending a day at the beach or just relaxing at home in the garden.

Life can be pretty busy when you run a business and have a toddler so it's important for me to have downtime. I like to do laps at our local pool or spend time being creative, either painting or drawing.  

What have you learned over the last few years being a Co-Founder and a new mother?

There has been a definite shift in my priorities, especially as I journeyed through early motherhood. I think what i've learned the most is to enjoy and be present in every moment as best I can, even the tough ones. It's where you learn your best lessons and come out stronger and better for it.

I've also learned that it is so important to cultivate my own creative needs and prioritise this time for myself, amongst the busyness of life with a toddler! 

As I look to the future of Noble, I'm so excited for all that is to come, and the pieces that have yet to be created.