Our Approach

    While Noble's philosophy is to create timeless pieces for your wardrobe, our mission is to be noble in our method. 


    The greater online shopping and distribution of product becomes the more we compromise the environment with a heavier carbon footprint. It’s not just about where materials are sourced and products are made; it’s also about the impact of processes such as packaging and delivery.
    We produce garments locally, which not only drastically reduces our carbon footprint, but also helps us build a relationship with our manufacturers here in Sydney, ensuring that any hand that helps in the making of Noble is properly paid and working conditions are not compromised to get product out the door.
    Our packaging is made mostly from plants and is entirely compostable with no toxic residues. Our printing cards are sourced from mills that comply with the highest of standards and schemes and that are in full support of anti logging laws. 


    We source our fabrics from wholesalers who have an accredited and ethical supply chain. We also source deadstock fabrics from New Zealand, Australia and the United States.
    The deadstock warehouses we visit are enormous and represent the huge environmental footprint fashion has on the planet from start to finish, leaving beautiful fabrics abandoned in warehouses and contributing to mass landfill. By using deadstock fabrics, we are able to be resourceful and repurpose fabric for something beautiful, rather than constantly creating more.


    Our hope is to continue to produce from what we have. It's not about making more, but creating things that will mean you need less of. 

    Being Noble in our process means thinking about the future in the long term rather than focusing on the ephemeral consumption of fashion.
    We hope to share the journey with you.