Last year, our Co-Founder and Creative Director, Courtney, visited the beautiful country of Mexico.

Below is a compiled list of her favourite places she visited.




Not only is the food here incredible, but the story behind Eduardo Garcia is one of grit, determination and authenticity. The interior is breathtaking, inspired by the local Barragán homes and the furniture crafted from local makers.

Maíz De Cacao
Tacos Los Alexis
Cariñito Tacos
Taquería Orinoco
Panadería Rosetta



Tlecan is a mezcaleria specialized in artisanal Mezcal from small producers in Mexico. I loved the architecture of the place, inspired by the feeling transmitted when entering a pre-Hispanic tomb and by the modernist architecture of Mexico City. 

Casa Fraca
Quentin Cafe


The neighbourhoods of La Condesa and Roma have so many incredible shops and vintage stores. There are also many design and craft markets surrounding Mexico City I spent a lot of time getting lost in. 

Casa Bosques
Aurelia Concept Store
Revolver Vintage
Goodbye Folk Vintage
Blanco Vintage
Vuelve Vintage


 Above Casa Bosques' bookstore is Pensión, a beautiful apartment with unique architectural design, objects and artworks. As someone who has always wanted to live above a bookstore, the beautifully curated apartment did not disappoint, with a window that peered down into the open french doors of the bookstore.


Located an hour from bustling Puerto Vallarta, San Pancho is a quiet coastal town with beautiful walks, surf and incredible food. It was my place of respite and peace, with so many great day trips around the area.



Mariscos Dona Tere
Chichili Helado 
La Perla
Tacqueria Los Arbolitos
Cafe Floresta
Tacos Yeyo


Marii Hotel

Marii Hotel is a beautiful eco-friendly boutique hotel hidden underneath Cafe Floresta. Like the rest of the town, the place is inviting and calming - we even did a Noble shoot while we were there in the Yoga studio. 


Oaxaca City was beautifully chaotic with the Day of the Dead festival happening over the week I was there. It was incredible to see their tradition of honouring and paying tribute to passed loved ones and ancestors through a holiday that brings so much colour and life. The streets were constantly packed with parades.


Vida Nueva Women’s Weaving Cooperative

About forty minutes outside Oaxaca is the Vida Neuva Womens Collective. Run by Zapotec women, the cooperative supports mostly widows and women fleeing domestic violence by offering opportunities of financial independence through harnessing their artistic skills of weaving.

The place is a sanctuary of peace and female empowerment with masterpiece rugs hung everywhere on display. They demonstrated the way they use natural dyes that can take up to a month for the right colour, then weaving unique pieces that tell stories of their heritage and culture. 


Levadura de Olla
Roy Tacos
Empanadas del Carmen 
Boulenc Bakery
Mercado 20 de Noviembre
El Distilado


Los Amantes Mezcaleria
Mezcal Don Agave
La Atoleria
Ama Terraza



I've seen this place for years on my Pinterest and Instagram with the very iconic photo of the blue-tiled kitchen. This place was a little oasis from the busy streets of Oaxaca, with incredible food and beautiful attention to detail around the place. 

I lived in my Deia trousers and sleeveless Clio for the most part of the trip!
They pack so well without the need of ironing and I really
loved how versatile they were.
The Deia trousers were perfect for travel days and nights out,
while my Clio top worked well layering over dresses on warmer days. 
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